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Bhagya Lakshmi 31 January 2023 Written Update: Rishi beats balwinder

Bhagya Lakshmi 31 January 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates begins with Balwinder took the havan kund in his hands. Virender claims he has become insane. What is he going to do, Wonders Dadi?. Balwinder had the idea to hurl coal from the havan kund onto lakshmi. Rishi approaches and strikes him. There are friends of balwinder. Malishka cliams rishi came back. Balwinder is warned by rishi that Lakshmi is not alone and that I am with her. He threatens to kill her if she sustains even a small scratch. You, Ayush, Shalu, and Bani were asked by Balwinder if you had any plans to harm me. If Rishi was present and came to save Lakshmi, Dadi queries Virender.

Virender claims Rishi came to save Lakshmi because he couldn’t bear to see her life destroyed. Malishka requests that Neelam meet with Rishi, claiming that he disobeys orders and pursues his own interests. Neelam claims that she is unsure of what will transpire in Lakshmi’s situation about his sensibility and maturity. Rishi is told by Malishka that she didn’t anticipate this from him and that she expects you to make such preparations. When I learned about Lakshmi’s plan, I just gave her my support, according to Rishi. Balwinder declares that he won’t abandon her after becoming enraged. Balwinder loses to Rishi. While Virender warns other thugs to flee or he will call the commissioner, Ayush is holding Guddu. They take off. Balwinder and Rishi get into a brawl.

Sheela walks to Balwinder with a bottle of sindoor. She stops him and inquires about the benefits of the forced union. She requests that he fill the sindoor in his true bride and make her your wife, claiming that destiny has transformed the bride. No destiny, according to Balwinder, can alter my current choice. Rishi strikes Balwinder. Balwinder’s sindoor is snatched out of his grasp. Balwinder pursues the object. When Rishi tosses the sindoor into the air, it collides with the floral chandelier and strikes Lakshmi in the forehead. Lakshmi is taken aback. Dadi beams.