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GHKKPM 27 January 2023 Written Update; Ninad asks virat to call pakhi

GHKKPM 27 January 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates begins with sai was astonished when he didn’t locate vinayak in his room. She notifies the chavans about it and inquires about her son’s whereabouts. As virat observes the state of his and pakhi’s room. He also became perplexed. There he finds her phone and notices that her passport is missing. He alerts his family about it when descends the stairs. Sai is taken aback and wonders why pakhi took her passport with her. Ninad responds that she can’t do this with them and that she thinks the latter is attempting to flee with vinayak.

Ninad now requests that Virat call Pakhi. She left her phone inside the room, Virat responds. Everyone is alarmed and concerned for Vinayak. Sai lashes out at Virat and holds him responsible for everything. She makes accusations against him, claiming that he must have suggested to Pakhi that she leave the house with Vinayak.

Sai declares that she won’t leave Virat and challenges him to tell the truth. She claims that only he is to blame for Pakhi’s choice and points out that only they were aware of the reality. She claims that he did nothing more than inform Pakhi of the situation and assist her in leaving the house with Vinayak so she wouldn’t have to hand him to Sai. While Virat tries to establish his innocence, Sai chastises him and issues a warning. He insists that Sai trust him when he claims that he hasn’t done anything.

She states that her past reliance on him was a mistake, and she vows not to make the same error again. Calling his department, Virat requests that they look for Pakhi and Vinayak. In order to maintain a low profile, he demands that they seal off the airport and other locations. Sai confronts him and explains that although he appears to be acting in order to locate Vinayak and Pakhi, he is actually also implicated in the situation. Chavans, in the meantime, start to worry about Vinayak and pray to God.