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The Young And The Restless 1/25/2023 Spoiler Episode 81

The Young and The Restless 1/25/2023 Spoiler for episode 81 is Celebrating 40 years of tracey bregman as lauren fenmore. Before that phyllis makes a promise to daniel. Billy and Chelsea discuss their future. Devon and lily struggle to find common ground. Victor seizes an opportunity. Diane puts on the brakes with jack. Nikki uncovers diane’s latest scheme.

Before that Victor encourages kyle to play dirty. Sally struggles with the truth. Nikki interrogates jack and diane. Victor and chelsea reach an understanding. Billy and Lily clear the air. Mariah and tessa return home with unexpected news. For complete story of The Young and The Restless upcoming episode spoilers alerts stay with official site.

The Young and The Restless Spoiler
Episode Number 81
Air Date 1/25/2023