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Wordle Answer January 17 2023; Wordle 577 Answer, Clues, Hints

Wordle Answer January 17 2023 along with Wordle 577 Hints updates. Hint 1 for today wordle is the word either has a “D or an “F”. Also Hint 2 is word end up with a consonant, Hint 3 is No Letter from “G to L” in the English alphabet comes in the wordle of the day. Also Hint 4 is only two vowels, Hint 5 is word either starts with S or A.

Wordle Answer January 17 2023 is “ADOPT”. Clue for today wordle is “Parents who are unable to give birth to a child of their own prefor to______ infants. About Wordle is Josh Wardle designed it in 2021, and it includes a daily challenge in which users get six chances to determine the “word of the day.” To assist users in determining the correct word, the colour of the tiles changes, with grey indicating that the letter is not part of the word, yellow indicating that the letter is part of the word but in the wrong location.

Wordle 577 Answer is “ADOPT”. For upcoming puzzle, quiz info along with flyer, movie reviews follow the web portal