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YRKKH 27 Jan 2023 Written Update: Ruhi gets scared

YRKKH 27 Jan 2023 Written Update begins with Seeing the empty glasses, Akshu. Are you both inebriated, she inquires. No, says Abhinav. Abhi and Abhinav falter. Abhinav is held by Akshu. Abhi observes them. Akshu requests that the man assist and manage Sir Ji. He claims everything will be OK. I’ll do everything on my own, according to Abhi. Hugging the man, Abhinav says, “I’ll make you meet Bhai ji. Where were you?” To reveal his face, he commands Sattu. He queries Abhi as to what he said. I’ll drop Abhinav, but you stay with me, the man offers. Angered, Akshu reprimands Abhi.

She begs you to quit and to keep away from everyone, even me. She leaves. Abhinav wakes up with a hangover. He considers what to do and how to approach Akshu. She borrows a car and competes. I’ll simply go see Bhai ji and say goodbye, he says. Abhir invites him to go. The act of saying farewell automatically happens, according to Akshu. In the automobile, Abhinav is seated. Abhi observes. They go away. They return home.

Abhir is asked by Akshu to get ready and sit down to study. Ok, says Abhir, and he leaves. I have a headache, say something, and reprimand me, says Abhinav. She chastises him. You won’t remember me, she claims. He apologises and says, “I’ll remember you forever. I was simply having fun.” If you proceed in this manner, she warns, keep in mind that I won’t go hunting for you. Ruhi and Nishta converse. She adds that I have to take care of Ruhi and that the elders aren’t at home, so we will meet next week. Playing with her is Ruhi. She requests that she visit her friend. No, says Nishta. Ruhi declares, “I swear, I’ll turn into a good girl.” Okay, assure Nishta that you won’t cause trouble. She leaves. I’m cute, says Ruhi, so she wonders why they are afraid of me. Akshu is yelled by a man. Akshu goes to the door to inspect it. Abhinav is brought by the man hurt.